Florida’s Communication Plan

Florida’s Communication Plan for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: Information and Training

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To view the Communication Plan, please click: Communication Plan (Updated 11/18/2014)

There is a fillable template that you can type directly on to, found here: 2015CommunicationPlanFILLABLE


Florida’s Communication Plan Technical Assistance Training Information:

Legislation added subsection (6) to Section 1003.55, Florida Statutes which require the Department of Education to develop a model Communication Plan which shall be used during the development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for a student who is Deaf or hard of hearing.  This plan will be adoped into rule in the near future and it will be available to everyone online.  Technical Assistance will be provided in a variety of ways for districts regarding the use of the Model Communication Plan.

FLMCP Technical Assistance:

  • Face-to-face Regional Awareness Trainings (complete)
  • Online Webinar – Coming soon!
  • New RMTC/OSBD Resource Page: FLMCP (FLorida’s Model Communication Plan)
  • Glossary of Terms/Resource Links
  • Email support (contact us if you have questions)
  • Fall 2014 Workshop/Training (see above)

The first Technical Assistance at the awareness level was offered is through state-wide regional trainings during the early months of 2014 at the locations listed below.

Regional Training 1: West Central Florida (Tampa) – January 15th
Regional Training 2: South Florida (Coral Gables)- January 21st
Regional Training 3: Central Florida (Orlando) – January 24th
Regional Training 4: Panhandle (DeFuniak Springs) – February 4th
Regional Training 5: North Florida (Tallahassee) – February 12th
Regional Training 6: South East Florida (Palm Beach) – February 18th
Regional Training 7: South West Florida (Fort Myers) – February 25th
Regional Training 8: North East Florida (St. Augustine) – March 7th

Each district in the state was encouraged to send representatives to one of these trainings. Suggested participants included anyone who could be a member of the IEP team. See examples below:

In addition to the public school districts across the state, other schools, agencies, and persons were also encouraged to attend, such as:

  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Agencies, such as: VR, Deaf Service Centers, etc
  • Specialized schools for the deaf, such as, The Bolesta Center, FSDB, Clarke School, The Debbie School, Blossom Montessori School and National Deaf Academy
  • Early Intervention agencies and providers, including SHINE Coordinators/Providers
  • Vendors, such as Cochlear Americas, Med-El, Phonak, Oticon, and Advanced Bionics
  • Parents & Parent Associations/Agencies, such as Florida Hands and Voices
  • Implant Teams
  • Professional Organizations, such as AG Bell, FLASHA, FLAA, FAD
  • College Programs
  • Remote Online Related Services Providers (SLP, OT, Counseling, etc.)
  • State Discretionary Project Staff
  • FDLRS Center Staff

To view the Model Communication Plan, please click New! Model Communication Form (Fillable Form)

See the RMTC/OSBD Calendar for all Dates of Regional and State Events